About the Financial Markets Tour

Are you a Dutch student with an interest in financial markets? Do you want to become an investment banker at the financial heart of Europe? Then you should definitely apply for the Financial Markets Tour!

The tour provides 24 ambitious students the opportunity to travel to London and introduce themselves to prestigious investment banks. The FMT focusses on all investment banking divisions focused on financial markets, among which:

  • Sales and Trading
  • Research (including credit research, quantitative analysis, macroeconomic research, etc.)
  • Asset Management for retail (individual) investors and institutional clients (pension funds, governments, etc.).
  • Risk Management

The FMT is organised every year and gives you the opportunity to present yourself to the renowned London-based investment banks. Our previous partners include Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, and many more. See our previous partners page for a full overview. More information about the FMT 2023 can be found here

In 1998, the Quantitative Finance Project (QFP) was founded by students from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2014, the QFP joined forces with the Delft London Financial Tour (D’LFT) to form the Quantitative Finance Tour (QFT). In 2020, the QFT was rebranded to the Financial Markets Tour (FMT), to better represent the broad range of career opportunities within investment banking on which the tour focusses. The tour has been a success from the very start, demonstrated by our large alumni network of people working at renowned investment banks, and this network keeps on growing every year!