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The Financial Markets Tour (FMT) is an event for 24 high potential students in the last phase of their study, who are interested in entering the financial industry. During the FMT these students will have a week to visit multiple investment banks in London and two in the Netherlands (see previous partners). The tour was formerly known as the Quantitative Finance Tour (QFT), but has changed its name to the FMT in 2020. The new brand conveys that students from all backgrounds with interest in everything surrounding Financial Markets are welcome to apply!

Every edition has resulted in internships and full time employees. Our alumni are found at a great variety of positions, certainly not limited to purely quantitative jobs. This event will give you the opportunity to find the best students interested in the financial world with a deep knowledge of quantitative skills.

Student are ranked by the participating banks based on their CV. From the high potential candidates selected through the investment bank rankings, we select the students with the most affinity for investment banking to create a selection of 24 students.

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